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A two year old boy shoots his mother dead

A two-year-old boy shot dead his mother during a virtual meeting on Zoom.

The father of the child, Veondre Avery (22), was indicted for the tragic incident by the Florida Police, United States, on Wednesday (13/10).

Avery was charged with murder and failure to store firearms safely out of reach of children.

Avery reportedly kept a loaded, unprotected pistol in a child’s backpack with an image of the children’s television series “Paw Patrol”.

Shamaya Lynn Avery’s wife who died after being shot in the head with a single bullet from a gun their son was playing with on August 11. The incident took place when Lynn was doing a Zoom meeting.

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In a recording of an emergency 911 call, one of Lynn’s co-workers who witnessed the incident said “one of the women fainted and was bleeding during a Zoom meeting with the camera on. The baby was crying in the back.”

According to the Orlando Sentinel newspaper, Avery was out of the house when the incident occurred. He immediately called 911 emergency services upon his return home and begged officers to come and help his wife.

Quoted by AFP, when they arrived at their apartment in Altamonte Springs, north of Orlando, police officers tried to wake Avery’s wife but couldn’t be helped.

District Attorney Dan Faggard’s statement said a date for Avery’s trial had not been set.

Shootings often occur in the United States, events like this, where children accidentally shoot while playing with weapons have also often occurred in the land of Uncle Sam.

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Late last September, a two-year-old man accidentally killed himself after finding a loaded gun in his friend’s backpack.

“Every year, hundreds of children in the US gain access to unattended guns that are either stored in easily accessible places or simply abandoned,” says a report by Everytown For Gun Safety, a gun control advocacy group.

According to the organization, unintentional shootings by minors have caused 879 deaths since 2015 and 114 this year.