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How to enter ad code for publishers from PropellerAds

Some people still don’t know how to enter the code from PropellerAds for publishers.

We will explain but this is only for WP user website only. For users other than WP, try asking via E-mail provided by PropellerAds.

How to paste the Code

1. The first step is to tap one of the Tag codes that you requested earlier. The tag code that can be retrieved is only marked in Blue.


2. Then copy the code in the Clipboard. How to copy just tap the available mark. Look at the pictures we circled. When you tap it it will automatically be copied to the Clipboard.

3. Then exit PropellerAds, no need to log out. Just get out.

Then please login to your WP website. And tap on the three lines in the top left corner. Note: Each login device will have a different appearance. Therefore you need to read this article to the end.

View image.


Then it will appear like the image below


Given that every device has a different appearance, what you need to look for on your WP Website is a Widget.

4. Tap the view like the picture above and you will see the Widget. Then tap on Widget and you will see like the image below.


5. Tap Custom HTML to add a witged and place it in one of your active photos.

Note: If the theme is different, maybe the way to add Custom HTML to the active Foter will be different.

6. Paste the copy of the code on your clipboard in your Custom HTML. (Description is in step 2 above).

View image.


Don’t forget: After you paste the code tap done or save changes (Depends on how your WP Website Theme looks).

Your task has been completed, please enter the site as a visitor. If the publisher is already in your country you will usually quickly see Ads on your site.

For site owners who have not registered with PropellerAds, please register via this link: PropellerAds Registration for Publishers and Publishers, just tap on the blue color we will direct you to PropellerAds .