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Weasel caught on camera riding a woodpecker

Footage of the wild world is always interesting and amazing to see.

Like a unique incident caught on camera when a small weasel rides this woodpecker. Like a Disney-style animated movie trailer, but this incident is really real.

Photographer Martin Le-May, based in East London, captured the rare moment with his camera during a walk with his wife in the Hornchurch national park in England.

Just before the little weasel got on the woodpecker’s back, they heard a commotion caused by two fighting animals.

Just then, a woodpecker is seen flying past Le-May with something on its back. And it turned out to be a weasel!

Le-May immediately took out her camera and started taking some photos of the extraordinary moment.

At first glance the photos look cute, but these two creatures are actually fighting for their lives. Woodpeckers want to live another day and ferrets need to eat.

When the woodpecker landed, the weasel happened to see Le-May and his wife watching them.

The two started fighting on the ground, but then the weasel noticed the photographer and his wife looking at them.

This small annoyance also gives the woodpecker enough time to fly into the sky.

The weasel initially wanted to prey on the woodpecker, but due to its smaller size, it was unable to bring it down.

“The woodpecker left alive, and the weasel just disappeared into the long grass hungry,” Le-May wrote.

Weasels often eat woodpecker chicks

Weasel is known to rob bird nests it finds and eat chicks. But an adult woodpecker won’t give up without a fight.

The story of the weasel riding the woodpecker also went viral.

Many thought that they were friends, when in fact the weasel wanted to bring down the woodpecker.

It is known that the bird is a European green woodpecker. This breed is known for making a loud voice.

They eat ants in the trees. Weasel is one of their natural enemies, where these small animals often eat woodpeckers adults and their children.

But in that case it was a lucky day for the woodpecker, because the baby weasel wasn’t big enough to knock it down.

An adult ferret is usually about the same size as a woodpecker, but in this case, the woodpecker is clearly larger than the weasel.

This type of woodpecker can grow to about 8 inches (210-216mm) in length, with a wingspan of 12 inches (320-330mm).

Although these ferrets are also not very large, they are considered the smallest carnivore in the world, growing between four and ten inches and weighing only 1 ounce.