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How to deal with Noisy Ads from the PropellerAds service

As a site owner, of course you will think about the convenience of visitors in addition to thinking about income.

If the site owner follows the instructions provided, PropellerAds will invite you to enter all of their ad code.

True it is indeed a way to increase site income. But it is very noisy for visitors so that site visitors only make one visit.

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As a site owner, of course, he wants visitors to make repeated visits to his site, which can only be obtained if visitors are comfortable browsing the site.

So that the Site is not noisy because of ads

Just use Two ad codes only. Choose the most appropriate ad code in your opinion, one of which is “Multi Tag”


This transparent ad code displays Two ads on the top sidebar of the site and occasionally appears on the site page covering the screen but the visitor is given a cross button in the upper right corner to remove the ad to reject the ad.
Indopal News recommends this for any type of site owner.

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The second choice of code adjusts to your own site.

If Indopal News prefers: “Onclick”

Because this code displays hidden ads on videos or links on the site.

When a visitor first opens the site he will not see any ads, but when a visitor plays a video or clicks on one of the links on the site to move to a search, that’s where the visitor is directed to the ad.

If the visitor does not like the ad, he will be redirected to the link he wants or play the video he intended.

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The two options above are not the provisions of PropellerAds, it is the experience of Indopal News English.

You can still choose other ad code options even PropelerAds recommends entering all ad codes.

Among other ad codes In-Page Push

Push Notifications


Direct Link

You can test enter all the ad code and then watch your income will increase.

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But don’t forget to pay attention to the noise level of ads on your site because you can lose visitors. and remove the code you don’t want and leave the code that you think is most appropriate for your visitors.